What is a Leader's Office? Some Sunday Thoughts.

Updated: Feb 3

Is it a mere success or status symbol- a proclamation of- "look, I no longer have to sit with the masses"? Is it the creation of a deliberate distance between you and the people who work with you? Is it a sterile space where people must fold their feelings and clip their thoughts before they walk in? a space that intimidates before one is let in?

Or is a leader's office instead a space for everyone who works there- a collectively owned safe space, lovingly guarded by one? A space to explore, talk, brainstorm and reflect? a space that welcomes ideas, feedback and questions?

If it's the second- how do our offices reflect that in their design? do we put tables between us and those we talk to, or do we have a collaborative work desk? are the walls filled with our individual past achievements and accolades or with spaces to imagine our collective future?

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